The lost battalion

Five years after the second world war, shadowed by the first Indochina conflict, a french battalion is deployed for the first time embedded in a UN reaction force.

Small numbered, they were initially badly regarded by their american fellow soldiers. They did however prouved their courage was limitless by earning at the price of blood the recognition of everyone involved in this forgotten war.


On the 19th of may 1978, the first légionnaire jumps through the doors of a C-160, starting the retake of the city living in horror since 8 days.

Very rich mining area and epicenter to the fights between Angola and Zaïre, the Katanga region will be the coronation of Calvi's paratroopers.


The man whom dreamt his wife a princess.

The smallest country in the world is not the calmest one, far from it. Born in a brawl, annexed, captured, lost to a military coup, here is the story of a micronation.