Chosen bits of military history

Ghillie suit

Right before the 20th century, war did change; it's the end of the bright colored uniforms in tightly packed line battles, true strategy markers for the commanders.

Now, hiding becomes paramount and belligerents need to camouflage their movements; operations unroll in the shadows.

However we tend to forget that for ages, specialist units took inspiration from the animal kingdom and nature to practice their martial art.

PGM Hécate II

Used on every theater by the french armed forces, the 12,7x99 caliber sniper rifle allows regular units as well as special forces to engage and destroy targets at more than 2000 meters.

Pure french product, it's sadly one of the last weapon produced in the hexagon that still equips our troops.

Review after well over 20 years in service.

The lost battalion

Five years after the second world war, shadowed by the first Indochina conflict, a french battalion is deployed for the first time embedded in a UN reaction force.

Small numbered, they were initially badly regarded by their american fellow soldiers. They did however prouved their courage was limitless by earning at the price of blood the recognition of everyone involved in this forgotten war.

Hergé, Tintin and guns

Tintin gave us a taste for adventure, taught us bravery and trickery.

The character, invented by belgian cartoonist Hergé, always manage to get himself out of all the seemingly hopeless situations, a bit too curious of a reporter, he does not hesitate to take arms to write history along its pages.


On the 19th of may 1978, the first légionnaire jumps through the doors of a C-160, starting the retake of the city living in horror since 8 days.

Very rich mining area and epicenter to the fights between Angola and Zaïre, the Katanga region will be the coronation of Calvi's paratroopers.

The Wild Geese

Great war film, mix of friendship, adventure and action, this pure 70s product is a must see.

Rooted in a now forgotten period of Africa's military history, the mercenaries golden era is here very well depicted, helped by the participation of real soldiers of fortune in the film crew.

"Lizard" TAP47

Efficient and great looking, the Lizard camouflage is part of every conflict during its lifespan.

Especially appreciated in Africa where it's used for a very long time, it is part of a very wide span of conflicts accross the world and will be extensively copied.


Workhorse of the french recon, the VBL is offering its staggering capabilities to the army, as well as more than 15 countries that adopted it.

Command car, antitank, long range recon, intelligence vehicle, AA denial and much more, the VBL has a wide range of variants and as much doctrine of use.


The man whom dreamt his wife a princess.

The smallest country in the world is not the calmest one, far from it. Born in a brawl, annexed, captured, lost to a military coup, here is the story of a micronation.


antitank missile

Born at the beginning of the 70s to punch holes in Warsaw pact new tanks, the Milan was at it's time an engineering marvel.

After 50 years, it's still a feared and respected tank killer.

Telo Mimetico M1929

First manufactured camouflage, most years in service of any other, the Telo Mimetico is not as known as it deserve.

A short review